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The technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. Its presence can be seen in every field. People in their daily lives are highly dependent on their computers, mobiles and laptops.  Every business, whether it is big or small, has to use some software or web application for its various organizational needs. The Designers-Den can provide a reliable solution to such needs.Most of the products and applications used by companies are the products of Microsoft. It is one of the pioneering brands in terms of technological solutions for commercial and home purposes. The online services and facilities provided by the Microsoft are referred to as Microsoft Online Services.

In an organization there are many tasks that need to be performed daily. Such as maintaining employee record, client information, stock reports etc. are some tasks which are very necessary. It is a very time consuming task to maintain such records daily. Thus you have to take help of the technology to make your work easier and to improve your productivity. The professionals at Designers-Den can assist you in finding the right online services for your company. The Microsoft Online Services are also termed as Microsoft BPOS or Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite. It helps to reorganize the various processes which are used in companies and organizations every day. The biggest benefit of such online services is that it offers server consolidation. To reduce the number of servers that are used in a company is referred to as server consolidation. It is imperative to carry out this practice in order to increase the efficiency of your employees. Following are the major four programs which can be beneficial for your business:

Microsoft Exchange Online – It is a service provided by Microsoft Online Services to streamline the communication system of your business. It gives you the facility of having access to large mail boxes which are web based. This system can help you and your employees to collaborate and communicate with each other from any device.

Microsoft SharePoint Online – This service is very widely used by companies to collect and share documents, reports or any other information. This facility of Microsoft Online Services can be accessed from anywhere, giving you the ability to exchange or transfer information to various locations.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting – It is tool that can help your business in sharing the information internally.  You can also conduct meetings, conferences and training sessions, online with people on other locations as well.

Microsoft Office Communication – it is a tool for conducting effective office communication. This service by Microsoft Online Services allows you and your employees to communicate within your company’s network through audio and video calling without any extra software.

Microsoft Online Services can bring a new change in the working of your company

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