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A successful company or organization requires the active participation not only from the company itself, but also from its clients, suppliers and partners. A portal acts as a common platform for all these people to share and contribute towards the overall development and growth of a company. The dedicated and skilled team of iitwares is capable of understanding the client’s needs and can successfully implement the most effective portal solutions for your company.

A portal can be referred to as a web site which contains combined information, accumulated from different sources about a specific topic or field. You do not have to search various sites, as a portal has information and as well as links to other sites, which contain similar content. Whatever your field is, the iitwares can help you to develop an effective portal service accordingly. Some common types of portals are listed here:

  • Job portal: The job portal solutions are the most commonly used tool for the recruitment process by various companies. These portals act as a platform for recruiting companies or employers to find prospective employees. If you are looking for a job, then you can register on such job portals and can get notified in case a job comes up that fits your requirements.
  • Real Estate or Property Portal: As the name suggests a property portal has all the real estate solutions for you. You can use this portal to know about any property that is available for buying or to sell your property as well. You can also find the contact information of property dealers, agents and builders.
  • Travel website or portal: A travel portal contains information about travel destinations, hotels, packages, bookings, user reviews etc. It can be a great way of planning your vacations as you can get all the travel related information at one place.
  • Health portal: The content posted on such portal is related to health, its problems, causes and remedies, life style, exercises, diet solutions etc. Very closely related to health portal is the medical portal. It deals with health care issues, medical content, information about doctors, hospitals and as well as jobs in the medical field.
  • Education portals: These portals can be beneficial for students as they can get information about latest educational trends, methods, study materials, questionnaires etc. This type of portal is further linked to university portal. These portals are implemented by individual universities to disseminate information about the study options, faculty information, types of courses available in their university etc.

It is time to change the way information and data is managed in your organization, with portal solutions.


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