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The development in the area of smart phones has been immense in the recent times. People are switching over to smart phones, leaving the ordinary mobile phones behind. Today a phone is not only used for making calls or sending SMS but performs a number of tasks, which were earlier possible only with the help of computers. The smart phones have become a need in today’s times. The professionals at Designers-Den are ever ready to cater to your needs by developing products that you need.  There are various mobile operating systems for smart phones. An operating system is used to operate the mobiles that same way it is used to operate laptops and computers. Among them, the Symbian has created its own market by attracting many smart phone users. You can chose from a wide variety of Symbian Application available in the market.

The Symbian is providing a large number of facilities to its users, through various smart phone applications. Whatever your requirement is, you can find a Symbian Application which will be able to cater to your needs. The team at Designers-Den can facilitate your life by designing an application according to your requirements. The various types of applications available are related to entertainment, social media, finance, travel, navigation, lifestyle, education, business and health. The most commonly used types of Symbian Application which can be useful to you, are listed here:

  • Google Map – You can download this application to get directions and location information on your smart phone. You can find any place, by using this application, in your area or in a new city.
  • Handy Taskman – This Symbian Application allows you to check and close any running applications on your phone at a certain time.
  • Active Notes – You do not have to carry a note pad with you, when you are travelling. You can take notes with this application, in the form of text, audio, video or images.
  • Google Search – It is the same as the Google search that you use on your computer or laptop, but this Symbian Application is faster and can show quick results on your phone.
  • Opera Web Browser – Specially designed for Symbian operated mobiles, this web browser has in-built upload and download manager. It runs smoothly and even the loading is quick.
  • Fring Chat – This application helps you to integrate various chat services, such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Skype etc. It helps you to stay connected anytime and from anywhere, through these different services.
  • Sports Tracker – It is especially useful for athletes, cyclists or other sports people, as it helps to track your speed, altitude and distance covered. You can also share this data with your friends by publishing it on Facebook.

The recent development by Symbian holds great promises for the future

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