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Today business environment is changing very fast and our business eco system is becoming more and more complex with a web a independent elements collaborating to perform a business job. In this changing, there is always a need for tracking assets, entities or any object having business value.

GPS Tracking System provides an opportunity to business houses to track there business assets, monitor real time elements for metrics and enhance there profitability. This brings in business sense with increased asset security and optimized usage with increased ROI over a period of time. It is one of the most durable and stable AVL system today, ensuring constant communication and an accountable long lasting performance.

It includes detailed maps of the whole world, enabling to localize the work of the operator in every chosen region, for either local or cross- border use, an advantage that can be of great significance for fleet managers who supervise cross- border journeys of vehicles.

System allows user to customize the unit to respond to specific events and to generate a wide variety of reports that assist in fleet as well as vehicle management using our Online Web Application that comes as part of the system. It can trigger email or text message alerts either by a single event (such as excessive vehicle speed) or a combination of events (such as excessive speed in a particular area).

Primary system features are as follows:

  • Web based system accessible 24/7 from anywhere through internet.
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Centralized Tracking Management
  • Centralized Fleet Management and Database
  • Secure User Access Control based on Roles/Rights
  • Google map with Normal, Satellite and Hybrid views
  • Fuel Consumption Sensor and Report (Device dependent feature)
  • Vehicle Track as well as Immobilizer via SMS (Device dependent feature)
  • Open/Close Door Sensor (Device dependent feature)
  • Seat Belt Indicator (Device dependent feature)
  • Emergency Button (Device dependent feature)
  • RFID sensor and Card Immobilizer (Device dependent feature)
  • In Vehicle Camera Live Feed View over GPRS (Device dependent feature)

Module Wise Features Description

GPS Tracking System comes with an array of functional as well as technical modules which handle specific operation area and perform functions. Detailed specifications of the module are as follows:


Tracking Module

Tracking Module provides features for live tracking; route bound journey tracking and access to historical past journeys.


  • Live Tracking
  • Journey Tracking
  • Journey Management
  • Journey Way Points Management
  • Historical Journeys (3 Months, 12 Months or Unlimited duration)
  • Alerts like Tampering, Deviation, Over Speeding, Stoppage and Geo Fence
  • Alarms like Engine Ignition, Geo Fencing, SOS, Low Battery, Speeding Alarm
  • Alerts Notifications through SMS/Email

Dashboard Module

Dashboard Module provides features for robust interactive and analytical dashboards for real time analytics for fleet, vehicles, driver, alerts and notifications through single consolidated window view.


  • Fleet Monitoring Dashboard
  • Fuel Monitoring Dashboard (Today, Weekly and Monthly Statistics)
  • Vehicle Utilization Dashboard (Today, Weekly and Monthly Statistics)
  • Driver Utilization Dashboard (Today, Weekly and Monthly Statistics)
  • Alerts Dashboard

Administration Module

Administration Module provides features for managing master details regarding transporter, vehicle, device, driver and location (POI). This module also provides functionality for Fleet Expense and Maintenance management.


  • Manage Transporter
  • Manage Vehicle
  • Manage Device
  • Manage Driver
  • Mapping Transporter To Vehicle
  • Mapping Vehicle To Device
  • Mapping Vehicle To Driver
  • View Mappings Transporter To Vehicle
  • View Mappings Vehicle To Device
  • View Mappings Vehicle To Driver

Settings Module

Settings Module provides features for managing mappings between entities like transporter to vehicle, vehicle to device and vehicle to driver. It also provides facility for specify various system alerts computation as well as notifications.

  • System Settings
  • Geo Fence Settings
  • Notifications (Email/SMS)
  • Cache Manager Configuration and Set Up

Reports Module

Reports Module provides various status, daily operational as well as analytical reports in grid based textual as well as graph based visual mode.

  • All Alerts Dashboard
  • Tampering Report
  • Deviation Report
  • Over Speeding Report
  • Stoppage Report
  • Journey Trip Report Dashboard
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports for the Group
  • Transporter To Vehicle Mappings Report
  • Vehicle To Device Mappings Report
  • Vehicle To Driver Mappings Report

Access Control Module (ACM)

Access Control Module (ACM) provides rights based user access to the entire system. This module is used to manage all secure access needs of the entire system. Users are grouped based on their information needs and are provided access to relevant portions of the system.

  • Create User
  • Manage User
  • View User Profile
  • Create Right
  • Manage Right
  • Manage User Right Mapping.aspx
  • View User Right Mapping


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