Website Developer, The SEO Specialist, and Your Business

Do you know what makes the difference between a website that generates huge income every month compared with websites that derive only a minimum income? The difference lies in the website developer and the SEO specialist whom you commissioned.

A good website can only result if you find the right developer and the right SEO specialist. These two individuals work hand in hand in order to provide you with a website that works, one that generates income, and one that could bring about the results that you expect.

Let’s take a look at each one.

The Website Developer

Basically, web development is done by the website developer. He is the one who literally builds the website from scratch. If you compare his role to actual construction processes, you will think of him as the engineer of a building. He is the one who plans how each feature will come about. He is also the one who finds ways and means on how to make each aspect of the website strong enough in terms of codes and scripts. Every day, he does his best to figure out how to achieve the goals of the website in terms of functionality and design. Although strictly speaking, a website designer is different from a developer, still most of the time, it is the developer who designs the website as well.

Organizing the content of your website is also the task of the developer. Normally, what happens is that you provide the developer with the various categories that you will be using for your website. If you are selling products, then for sure, it would be product categories. On the other hand, if you are offering services, then the categories might be the type of services that you are offering.

Once you have provided the developer with the different categories, he will be the one to set up everything, and all that you would have to do is to wait for the results.

The SEO Specialist

Normally, even if you already have your own website, you would still be in need of an SEO specialist. He will be the one to optimize your site and make sure that you include the right keywords in the content. This will help ensure that your website will be visible in search engines. He will provide you with the right keywords, how these keywords should be distributed within the content, as well as the keyword density. He will also be responsible for providing you with the proper meta tags, those that will appeal to Google.

The ultimate goal of the SEO specialist is to get your website to rank high in search engines. While the number 1 spot of page 1 may be something that he could not promise, what he can assure you is to help get your website on page 1.

So you see how a website developer and a SEO specialist can do much in getting your website to perform well and reach its goals. Try to look for a good web developer who can assist you, along with a SEO specialist who can fine tune your website further.



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