Ready for 2014? Here are Some of the Web Trends for 2014

Website trends tend to change constantly. This is usually brought about by the preference of individuals, by studies, and even researches. In fact, the trends could even be influenced by the personal preference of many individuals from all over the world.

But enough of where these trends came from. Whether they came from the ideals and emotions of a group, or they have been really studied on by some other people, they surely are worth checking out.

So here are some of the best website trends for 2014.

Neon Colors

More and more web designers today are using neon colors to let their websites stand out from the rest. The use of yellows, greens, pinks and oranges are becoming more prevalent. Some of the web designs that can be expected on 2014 would include neon accents. These are colors that can attract the attention of online users. Yes, they have been popular in the 80s, but they are surely coming back in the coming year.

Fixed Headers

This will continue to become popular in the coming year considering that it provides easy website navigation for users. You don’t need to scroll through plenty of content on your webpage. In fact, this allows users to gain access to the primary content even if they have already scrolled to the bottom. This saves users time and effort. All the while, the most important areas of your website are right within their view.


It cannot be denied that one of the things that people like to see in a website is a colorful image where they can get a lot of info. This is what infographics is all about. These are images that get to present data in a very colorful manner, but in a simplified and easily understandable form. Users will be able to derive the info they need with just one click. For instance, a map showing demographics can easily provide region specific info where the users will just have to click or tap on the image, and the info needed is provided right then and there. Although this work is a bit tedious, but it surely is very much attractive and informative.


If you used to think that the more you get the letters of images into “3D”, the better your website will be, then you thought wrong. Embossed images and other features have long been regarded as obsolete and therefore do not cause your site to be better in certain aspects. In fact, this will cause your website to look less appealing.

So what’s the best way to go? Flatten it up. Use 2D and not 3D.

Larger Images

Images used for websites will surely continue to become larger. Who would like to take a look at a puny little image of a product? No one, right? Since Internet speeds have certainly increased over time, then the size of images that can be included in a site will have more leeway as well. Come to think of it, larger images will always be more attractive than little ones.

If you would like to keep your website looking fresh and appealing, bear in mind these website development trends, and you will be in the right track. So start doing some changes to your website now.


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