Web Design Trends in 2017-18

Trends come and go and some of it just comes back when you least expect it. From fashion down to gadgets, there are trends that you should always look forward to. And in terms of websites, there are also web design trends that you should look into this 2017 and the coming 2018.

There are several web design trends that you should get to know this 2017 and for 2018. If you are someone who is into web design and development, you must know the trends in 2017-2018 because it will be your ticket to an interesting and appealing web design when you work with a client.

Are you curious about the web design trends in 2017-2018? Want to be part of the trend? Here are the trends in web design that you should know and should never miss.

  • Clean Layouts

Have you ever seen a layout that was too overrated wherein you cannot see the contents anymore? Well, let go of that and start focusing on clean layouts. This is the trend in 2017-2018 for web designs where you can clearly and brightly see the contents. Simple layouts are now the trend which can make a website look clear and clean.

  • Expressive and Bold Typographies

Web design trends in 2017-208 are more on the minimalist nature and thus, the typography is also included. This is a trend that can quickly catch the attention of the visitors because of its great visibility. From headers down to the contents, the typography should be expressive and bold.

  • Animation domination

When you open a website this 2017, one of the things that will catch your attention is the animation. Yes, the animation is dominating web designs today and will continue in 2018. With this trend, you can let your visitors navigate the site easily and will also be able to understand your contents. GIFs are more used today and it can also be seen even on social media platforms.

  • Brighter colors are in

This web design trend will obviously be part of the 2017-2018 trends for web designs. Choosing the right colors will help your website convey the personality even when you are still aiming for minimalism. Select dynamic colors that are good to mix. This is a trend that will surely reach even the year 2018 comes in.

  • Distinctive layouts

This 2017-2018, basic layouts are out and unique layouts are in. Having a distinctive layout is what every company wants to have because they want to stand out from others. Thinking out of the box is the best way for you to have unique layouts. This trend will still be surely a hit in 2018.

These are the web design trends that you should know in 2017-2018 in order for you to never be out of the trend.

Choosing the right web design is the key to attract more customers. And if you make use of the web design trends in 2017-2018, certainly, you can make a big name and impression on your visitors. The trends this 2017-2018 are not focusing on grander ones but minimalism is now the choice.

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