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A responsive web design adjusts the overall content and format of a website in order for it to match the screen of the device used by the visitor. People hardly use their personal computers and laptops today to access e-commerce platforms and social networking websites. They use their smartphones and tablets more often as these devices are more functional and portable. A responsive web design can make a great difference in the way people see a website and help businesses boost their conversion rates.

How Does a Responsive Web Design Work?

A responsive web design provides a website with more flexibility. The website responds to the requirements and needs of every user based on the device they’re using. It adapts based on the platform as well as the orientation and screen size of the device. A responsive design involves a combination of flexible CSS media queries, grids and layouts as it’s important for the website to be responsive on all levels. A professionally optimized website must automatically adjust its text and resize all the Flash files such as the videos and pictures. It is also important for a responsive website to be able to accommodate the resolution needs and scripting abilities of every portable device that can be used to access it.

All page elements of a responsive web design are sized by their proportion. If there’ a picture inserted in a block of text, then that image will be resized and maintain its position. The website’s general layout will be the same, just resized to fit the screen. This offers a lot of benefits to websites that are used for business purposes. If you have a website that serves as your virtual business card for your online store or company, then you should seriously consider going for a responsive web design. The responsive design can save a lot of money, trouble and time on mobile optimization. In the past, the only way to make a website mobile friendly is to build a separate website that contains the same content as the main site. This standalone website, however, requires additional costs and maintenance.

Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design can increase your conversion rates and average monthly sales. Business owners want to convert as many of their site visitors as possible into customers. The conversion rate for regular websites varies between three percent and five percent, but for a website with a responsive design, it can be ten percent or even higher. This allows businesses to be more visible than their competitors.

A responsive web design aims to eliminate some of the limitations that standard websites pose to users of portable devices such as non-intuitive website interface, small text that requires zooming, slow loading time and other issues that prevent users from accessing the website properly. A responsive design can also help improve a website’s visibility and overall ranking in search engines.

If you want to be more visible and boost your rankings, then a responsive web design should be part of your SEO strategy.


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