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Hajj & Umrah Mobile Application

A Hajj 2014 Mobile Application is available free for this year.

Few Features:

Interactive Guide for Hajj and Umrah Rituals
All Duas or supplication that you are required to perform, based on your day, time and location
It will also show the path from one ritual to another ritual

Lost and Found Services
Friends: A Pilgrim can locate his friends and family members in real-time and also see the path to the friends.
Favourite Places: A Pilgrim can go back to his/her favorite added places such as Arafat and Mina tent, Hotels in Makkah and Restaurants etc.

Out of Boundary Services
Since knowing the boundary of Haram, Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat is a part of the Rituals of Hajj, theapp will show the pilgrims ifthey are inside or outside the Haram, Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat boundary.

Health Services
Pilgrim will be able to share their health conditions with their companions of Interest along with the location of the pilgrim.

Complaint Services
Pilgrims can submit a complaint on bus services, tent services and food services etc, to the appropriate authority with the location of complaint.

Hajj Messenger with text, audio
A pilgrim may share his memorable moments with his friends and relatives through text and audio message.

Offline Maps
A pilgrim can view, search and navigate to “Points of Interests” using Offline Map without requiring Internet.

Places of Interest and Reviews
We have added Points of Interest like restaurants, hotels, Arafat toilets, Mina toilets etc.
Search any “Points of Interest”
Add new “Points of Interest” and add it as your favorite.
Write review on “Points of Interests” and Favorites. Also you can see the reviews given by other users.
Navigate to any “Point of Interest” or favourite.

Free Emergency SMS
Send 3 free Emergency SMS to your relatives or friends anywhere in the world.

Emergency Services
Most of the pilgrims who come to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah are not aware about Emergency phone numbers and its location. Emergency service provides them the facility to call and see the directional map of police station, fire station, ambulance and Hajj Agency. The application provides all this information

Money Exchange and Currency converter
Find the currency conversion rate and path/direction to your nearest money exchange store.

Prayer schedule And Qibla Compass
See the prayer time based on your current location
See the time remaining for the next prayer
Show the Qibla direction instantaneously without any calibration or hassle of setting your city

Weather update
Weather alarm while you are in Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah.

News Services
You may read Hajj and Umrah related news.

Hajj Tweets
Connect with Social Network and get update on Hajj related Post or Post your own tweets.

Translation and Text to Speech Services
Translation Service: Translation service is used to interpret the word or sentence from one language to another. (requiresInternet)
Text to speech service: The translation service is augmented with a text to speech service in which the translated text is also spelled out to facilitate a pilgrim to understand a conversation.

Traffic Update
Get updated traffic conditions around you in Makkah.

Multi-Language Support
App provides user interface in different languages.

Easy Installation and Registration via Free SMS Authentication
Just feed your basic details and we take care of the rest!

And Many more..

Thousands of places are added for pilgrim such as hotels, restaurants, holy places, important offices, saloon etc. Our app will show you your favorite places and the interesting places near you and guide you path to that place.
Services to help pilgrim finding toilets in Muzdalifah, Mina, Arafat nearby.
App will also help perform Hajj, Umrah or Tawaf with authentic content


Download the Application

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For any technical enquires or support, email @
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Saudi Arabia :
Bangladesh :

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