Indoor Navigation System for Smartphones

From the past decades, we all have been aware of The Global Positioning System (GPS). This has made the task of navigating outdoors but there are some instances that navigating indoors is a very challenging task. It is quite difficult to navigate indoors because of the lack of signal inside the buildings.

However, there are some techniques in addressing the issues when it comes to indoor navigation. It has been proposed that the use of smartphones for indoor navigation system will give an accurate destination for the users. When we speak of Navigation, this refers to the user’s position and a guide for users through their destination. The GPS is the most commonly used navigation system. However, despite its fame for so many users, the Global Positioning System has its limitations.

Smartphone for Navigation

Since people of this modern times are fond of using smartphones, it is better to develop an application both for Android and IOS that builds strong navigation system. The increasing number of users for the smartphone is an enough reason for developing such an application that will enhance the indoor navigation system. There are researchers who conducted way back in the year 2009 for the exploration of the indoor navigation system. The today’s smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy can actually calculate position. The smartphone also contains a sensor and a barometer. But these sensors are not accurate enough. Which means there is still a need for the development of indoor navigation solutions.

In order to come up with effective indoor navigation solutions, it is essential to understand the sensors of the smartphones and its quality. There are smartphones nowadays that can provide calibration for the gyroscope. But still, there are some aspects that need to be considered in indoor positioning or indoor navigation using smartphones.

Wi-Fi Fingerprint

This measures the strength of the signal to any point of view. This also requires location and other signal strength to all other access. It is also the reason for the connection of the database to its signal strengths. The Wi-Fi fingerprinting was developed by software developers. This works better in indoors with advanced algorithms.

Inertial Navigation

Using the gyroscope and accelerometers is what makes it possible for measuring the user’s specific position. It has been proven to be a good sensor and has an integration with GPS and has a zero velocity. The use of computer vision in indoor positioning is also important. Using the camera and its sensor is another feature that makes it more effective in determining the exact location.

What’s with GPS?

With the Global Positioning System, you’ll be able to gain accuracy in position. And it is impossible for smartphones to use sensors without the aid of the GPS. The GPS is the commonly used for determining the navigation and is used for various kinds of purposes.

The use of smartphones has been an integral part of human’s lives. Partnering up with an indoor navigation system is what makes it more interesting. Assessing the good quality of sensors is another factor in the development and improvement of indoor navigation for smartphones.


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